Ballroom Curtains
Ballroom Looking into the Rotunda
Boardroom Fireplace
Bride and Groom on 16th Street
Bronze Doors
Candlelit Portico
Carnegie Facade
Ceremony with Chuppah
Ceremony Facing the Portico
Ceremony in the Round
Cocktail Hour in the Boardroom
Cocktail Tables in the Rotunda
Dancing in the Rotunda with Glimpse of Ballroom
Dancing in the Rotunda
Dinner in the Ballroom
Draped Reception
Draped Rotunda
First Dance with Additional Lighting
First Dance with Pink Uplighting
First Dance
Grand Entrance
Groomsmen in Boardroom
Library/Bride's Room
Looking Down to Rotunda
Portico with Cocktail Tables
Reception in the Ballroom
Reception in Rotunda
Reception with Uplighting
Rotunda Balcony
Rotunda Ceiling
Rotunda from Balcony
Rotunda Oculus and Starburst Chandelier
South View of Ballroom
Spiral Staircase from Above
Spiral Staircase
Spiral Staircase from Rotunda
View from Portico
Walking up the 16th Street Steps
Wedding Party on 16th Street
Boardroom Hollow Square
Boardroom Blank
Auditorium Ceiling Detail
Auditorium North Mural Detail
Auditorium Phases of the Moon Detail
Auditorium South Mural Detail
Auditorium Stage Close-up
Auditorium with Screen and Podium
Ballroom with Rounds and Projector
Ballroom with Rounds Looking in to Rotunda
Ballroom with Rounds
Boardroom Classroom East View
Boardroom Classroom South View
Boardroom Classroom
Boardroom Fireplace
Boardroom North View
Boardroom Portrait Detail
Rotunda Arch Detail
Rotunda Column Detail
Rotunda Dome Detail