Rates, Rules & Regulations

2016 Rates

  • $5,000: Ballroom, Rotunda, and Boardroom with access to the kitchen for food service
  • $4,600: Ballroom and the Rotunda with access to the kitchen for food service
  • $2,500: Ballroom with access to the kitchen for food service
  • $2,500: Rotunda with access to the kitchen for food service
  • $   600: Add Portico
  • Auditorium: (AV not included)
    Weekday/non-holiday: $3,000
    Weekend: $3,500
  • Boardroom:
    Weekday/non-holiday: $800
    Weekend: $1,250

**A 25% discount is available to non-profit organizations (Monday-Thursday), which must submit a copy of their determination letter stating they are tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Holiday Charge: For Events being held on a Federal Holiday or holiday weekend, Carnegie Institution of Washington requires an additional charge.  Please refer to the Special Events Coordinator for specific charges.

Hours:  Rates are for an 8-hour block, and includes event time, set-up, and break down/clean-up time. 

Additional hours of set-up, break down, or event time must be pre-purchased at a rate of $300/ hour at least 7 days prior to the event. 

Any unscheduled overtime due to client/vendors/contractors departing late, will be billed at $450 per hour, in half-hour increments (based upon the departure of the last vendor.)

Events must conclude by 11:00pm Sunday – Thursday; and 12:00am on Friday and Saturday. 

The reservation is contingent upon (1) the completion of a contract and, (2) a deposit for the amount of 30% of the rental fee.  Carnegie Institution will hold a tentative event date for two calendar weeks.  If the deposit and signed contract are not received at the conclusion of the two weeks, the date will be released.

In addition, Renter must provide the Institution with the following no less than one-month prior to the event: (1) a general liability insurance certificate, and (2) proof of caterer liability insurance.  Renter agrees the event may not be held without prior receipt of final payment and these two forms.

Cancellation Policy

If a reservation is cancelled more than 90-days before the scheduled event, Carnegie Institution will refund 50% of deposit, less the $200 cancellation fee.  If a renter cancels the reservation between 30-90 days before the scheduled event, Carnegie Institution will refund 25% of the deposit, less the $200 cancellation fee.  If the reservation is cancelled less than 30-days, but more than two-weeks, the renter will forfeit deposit.  Cancellation of the event two-weeks or less, renter forfeits entire rental fee.


  • The general liability insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 bodily injury coverage (as further defined in Section 5(a) of the Rental Agreement) must be sent to Carnegie Institution at least two-weeks prior to the event.  The insurance company can fax the insurance certificate directly to Carnegie Institution at 202-462-7395 or mail it to Carnegie Institution Attention: Facility Rental 1530 P St NW Washington, DC 20005.
  • If alcohol is being served at an event, Renter must also provide evidence that their caterer maintains a license that authorizes them to serve alcohol in the District of Columbia.  In the instance that the caterer does not have such a license, the Renter will be responsible for obtaining a temporary license through the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration.  This should be provided to the Institution by the Renter two-weeks prior to the event.
  • Carnegie Institution provides space only for events and a basic initial set-up.  Any equipment transportation, assembling, decorations, and/or setup for the event are the responsibility of the renter.  Decorations are permitted, but only if it does not involve nails, tacks, adhesive tape, or any other form of attachment that might damage or disfigure surfaces.  Hanging, draping, or loosely tied decorations are permitted.  Rice, glitter, and confetti are not allowed.
  • Carnegie will provide (17) 5’ and (10) 6’ round tables, (6) of the 5’, 6’, and 8’ rectangular tables, and 150 ballroom chairs at no extra charge (all set up is to be done by Client or Client’s Caterer).
  • Arrangements for all deliveries, including caterers, dance floors, and other specialties, are the responsibility of the Renter.  Renters must coordinate with Carnegie on all delivery arrangements and times.
  • Independently arrange for catering services.  The caterers are responsible for ensuring all trash is removed from the premises and placed in our outside trash receptacle at the end of the event. Carnegie Institution will provide a security guard for the event at the event entrance.  Should the event require a strict enforcement of the guest list, the renter must arrange to have someone stationed at the event entrance to ensure only invited guests are admitted.
  • If there is to be dancing in the Ballroom, Renter must obtain and have installed a dance floor.  A dance floor is not necessary in the Rotunda.
  • No smoking is allowed in the building.
  • Invitations, programs, or any other advertising or description of the event should not indicate that Carnegie Institution is a sponsor or is in any way affiliated with the event, except in location.